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21 May 2006

So much for that bright idea

I decided to hook up the old scanner to the new box last night, and Windows sneered: "You dare to present me with this lame excuse for a TWAIN driver? Have a screen. Guess what color it's going to be."

One Last Known Good Configuration later, I was back up and running again, but it appears I will be in the market for a new scanner after all. Unfortunately, I got the bill from the Arborist this weekend, and that must be paid first.

For those interested: It's a UMAX Astra 600P, which runs through LPT1. Maximum resolution is 4800 x 4800 dpi. Sample depth: color, 30 bits; greyscale, 10 bits. Output depth: color, 24 bits; greyscale, 8 bits. Runs on W3.1 or 95/98; will apparently not run on XP SP2. How old is it? The install CD comes with Adobe Reader version 2.1.

Posted at 9:28 AM to PEBKAC

I have a UMAX Astra 610P that's also given me problems as a dedicated device in Photoshop. I finally loaded it up as a device in Scanners and Cameras under Control Panel and it works OK using the XP scanner app with SP2.

Posted by: MikeH at 10:06 AM on 21 May 2006

I did, for some reason I probably should be grateful I don't recall, try a 610P driver; it didn't crash the system, but Windows couldn't find the scanner with it running.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:16 AM on 21 May 2006

Whatever you do, stay away from HP. Just to install the driver, you HAVE to install theri 160MB package. It's ridiculous. Epson is only slightly better. Scanner software is really awful these days.

Posted by: Dan Lovejoy at 10:13 PM on 21 May 2006