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16 May 2006

Reboots and jackboots

This surprises me hardly at all:

A poll has revealed what sobbing IT operatives already know only too well: their chosen profession is the most stressful on God's Green Earth and Iraqi A&E doctors should consider themselves lucky not to spend their days at the sharp end of a relentless assault of clueless users and badgering bosses.

That's the conclusion of a probe of 3,000 "IT experts" carrried out by "online learning provider" SkillSoft, which reveals the staggering fact that "97 per cent of people working in IT claim to find their life at work stressful on a daily basis".

Indeed, four-fifths of IT consultants "feel stressed before they even enter the workplace", while a quarter of the poor buggers "are under such enormous pressure to perform at work they have taken time off suffering with stress".

Further "comment" from me would obviously be superfluous.

Posted at 8:06 PM to PEBKAC

Of course there would be little stress if there were, in fact, people deserving the name "IT Expert". Present bloggers excluded, of course.

Posted by: John Salmon at 8:56 PM on 16 May 2006

I suspect that if I had a greater level of expertise, I would probably have even greater stress.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:04 PM on 16 May 2006

97 percent? The other 3% must be slackers.

Posted by: Mel at 9:16 PM on 16 May 2006

I was gonna say that my job isn't stressful.... then I read Mel's comment.

(it's still not stressful)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 11:46 PM on 16 May 2006

I'm so stressed out I cannot even comment...

Posted by: Winston at 5:17 AM on 17 May 2006

Well, lord knows I've never been under any kind of pressure to perform at work.

At least, not if you don't count that summer I was with the Chippendales.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:33 PM on 17 May 2006