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1 May 2006

Compiles only because of luck

Back in the day, I actually had a COBOL compiler for the Commodore 64, and I can tell you, there were times when I couldn't tell a PICTURE clause from Santa Claus.

But there's a whole lot of COBOL code still out there, which is apparently what keeps Rocket Jones in incendiary devices:

I'm actually a young whippersnapper compared to a lot of the COBOL programmers still working, and that pool of talent is shrinking faster than the remaining need for 'em. One of the best skills to have for the massive Y2K effort was COBOL. Business needed them, and paid dearly because they needed them badly.

I must point out here that I work in an RPG shop, which means that I'm not in any position to snicker.

Posted at 7:11 AM to PEBKAC

Cool. You create Roll Playing Games.8^p

Posted by: Bobbert at 1:54 PM on 1 May 2006

My favorite roll to play is a cheese danish.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:51 PM on 1 May 2006

OMG, I'm a dinosaur too. I pumped COBOL back in the 70s, but havent used it since, so I don't know a do loop from my if else. Or is that Fortran - did that too. And some Basic. Knew some JCL on the massive IBM 360 mainframes. Forgot it all. Even ran a cardpunch sweatshop for a while. Now there was an archaic activity...

Posted by: Winston at 5:41 AM on 2 May 2006