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27 April 2006

Looking for recommendations

With the move to speedier equipment comes, inevitably, a desire for spiffier software.

Historically, I have done quick-and-dirty graphics work in Irfanview and (yes, it is true) Microsoft Paint, with the more industrial-strength stuff in Adobe's PhotoDeluxe. But PhotoDeluxe is positively ancient, and I've pretty much decided to upgrade to Photoshop Elements, which will read the old PD files and do most of the things I expect to need to do.

That decision, at least, is made. I'm still wavering on what to do for CD and DVD authoring, and for DVD viewing and (I hope) screen-capturing. The machine came equipped with trial versions of Cyberlink PowerDVD, which seems okay, and the current incarnation of Nero, which is sufficiently unlike previous versions (I was using 5.5 happily) to put me off. If you have preferences for applications of this sort that run on the hated Wintel platform, I'd like to hear them.

Posted at 7:36 AM to PEBKAC

I use VLC ( ). It does everything I need it to do for DVD viewing.

For burning DVDs and such, I'd personally recommend MyDVD, it is what I use (on the rare occasion I do make a DVD). However, I can't say I know all that much about the subject, I just use it because my roommate got a copy from someone he knows at Francis Tuttle.

Posted by: Aniwarp at 8:25 AM on 27 April 2006

Regarding graphics. I really like the JASC Paint Shop Pro line of editors. They've recently been bought by Corel, but the price is less than the Adobe products.

On another note you should also check out the Gimp and open source Graphics editor of some reknown:

And I've even heard some good things about this product: (requires the .net runtime).

Posted by: greg at 12:41 PM on 27 April 2006 has taken over most of my editing (vs. resizing, etc.). But that's not what you asked, Be sure to publish what you decide on, because I'm interested in DVD authoring stuff, too. Don't mind paying, either.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 12:51 PM on 27 April 2006

My only relevant comment - PS Elements is very nice. I use the full version, but I have clients who use elements for little things and it works beautifully for them.

As for DVD/CD creation, I'm afraid I know only the Apple side of the fence.

Posted by: Dan at 3:04 PM on 27 April 2006

Yeah, PS Elements is good choice - because that's what I use...

I favor Nero, but have not seen or used the new version that you mentioned was different. Doncha just love it when they "fix" something that ain't broke... MyDVD, the full or paid version, is also supposed to be pretty good.

Posted by: Winston at 6:28 AM on 28 April 2006