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18 April 2006

That new box

It's taking a spectacularly long time to set up, largely because I have something like 240,000 files to move. I haven't even started the F: drive (9.5 GB) yet. On the other hand, email and the browser are working properly, and some of the more essential applications (Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPro, Winamp, WinZip) have been installed.

Still to do: Agent, most of the music files, install printer and scanner.

Posted at 6:01 AM to PEBKAC

Always a lot of fun and games! Next up, invest in an external hard drive, either USB or Ethernet connection, 200 GB or more. You can make an image of everything on a drive or just the stuff you need, quickly and efficiently. Use for routine backup or for transferring from system to system. Or leave it in place for sharing with other computers on your little network. Yeah, I know, but I've got 3 that I use myself - my main beast, the trusty notebook, and an old junquer back on the bench which I tinker and experiment with - peeking over into the dark chasm as it were. The Maxtor externals are really nice, and have an extruded aluminum case that gets me all sweaty and excited just to touch ...

Posted by: Winston at 6:22 AM on 18 April 2006

Things are moving swimmingly through the network; still, it takes rather a long time to pass 30 GB of files, even through the wired connection, and the old machine (850 MHz AMD Duron) can't be expected to serve this stuff up with incredible speed.

Once this is done, I'll probably demote the box to file-server status or something; I can't see throwing it out, even with a noticeable bad spot on the drive. (If I repartition and reformat it correctly, I can avoid that cluster entirely.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:38 AM on 18 April 2006

As of this morning, the F: drive (2,400 MP3s) has been migrated, and fresh installs of iTunes/Quicktime and Adobe Reader have been run.

My Usenet reader works fine.

I am thinking about not installing the scanner and looking for a new one assuming I can find one that plugs into a USB port and can handle legal-size documents.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:31 AM on 19 April 2006