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6 April 2006

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Belhoste points to this MeFi thread, and a lot of these seem awfully familiar:

"My first modem was a screamin'-fast SupraModem 2400 I bought for the low, low price of $150. I got PC Pursuit at some point and started calling around the country. I remember spending a good amount of time on a couple BBSs in Philadelphia. At my first job I ended up setting up a ProLine BBS for my employer and later helped set up a network of NovaServer BBSs (dubbed theLINQ) for schools. Somewhere in there I also became a forum assistant on GEnie, mostly so I could enjoy free access to the service, which cost $6 an hour for 1200 bps access."

"I was 14 years old. I lived at home with my family. We had one phone line. We used this phone line mainly to talk to family and friends. I had just posted the number for this phone line as a 'Hot New BBS' on all the local BBSes. Like many 14-year-olds, I didn't think through the consequences of my actions. I guess I just thought that the computer would answer the phone when another computer dialed it. It was an experiment I hadn't done. And, y'know, it was ok for the first few hours, while my folks were out of the house. The phone rang, the computer answered, the local BBSers got to see my BBS. But then my parents came home."

"Apple II+, Hayes Micromodem. 213 AC. It was called Dragon's Lair one of several Dragon's Lairs, turns out. A useless but fun BBS. Useless for everyone else, fun for this 11 yo SYSOP, until we moved to Saudi Arabia & it died."

And many more. As a relic of this period myself though I was already thirtysomething years old I can relate to a lot of this.

Belhoste continues:

In my opinion, blogs do foster relationships and can help revive old ones (I have briefly gone off on this tangent before here and here). I also noticed a link to BBSmates that I will have to check out when I get a chance.

Could it be that the BBSers of old have just found a new voice?

I wouldn't doubt it for a moment.

Posted at 9:45 AM to PEBKAC

I avoided Supra modems for reasons I don't remember now but something to do with proprietary settings or something. I used Hayes. People used to say "you mean a Hayes compatible?" I would reply "uh, no, it's a Hayes!"
Towards the last I wound up using what were previously considered God forsaken Zoom models!

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:11 AM on 7 April 2006