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30 March 2006

More Tuttle scuttlebutt

The lovely and talented Amanda Congdon makes fun of Jerry Taylor:

Is the city manager a true dolt, or is this some kind of thinly-veiled publicity stunt?

She reads a couple of excerpts from the Gospel According to Jerry, and then:

Regardless of his intentions, what a nutjob, right? Man. I have half a mind to send my Virtual Wingman on his ass.

Waste of time, darlin'; the man responds to email like a dead fish responds to ultraviolet light. (No movement, per se, but the, um, aroma increments.)

Posted at 6:27 PM to PEBKAC , Soonerland

As someone who doesn't know about Jerry Taylor at all, seems to me that while Taylor comes across as clueless regarding server maintenance, Johnny Hughes epitomizes the know-it-all propellerhead programmer disdainful of the non-tech savvy.

Amanda Congdon? Definitely an acquired taste. She has apparently copied the Liz Spiers snarky Gawker thing. I've seen a few of her reports and while I applaud her for doing it everyday I don't know who's worse, her or John Stewart. That Colbert guy is coming up fast though.

You'll see Amanda on TV soon, she's one with the zeitgeist.

www.forgotten-ny (snark-free)

Posted by: Kevin Walsh at 10:21 AM on 1 April 2006

I admit, I tend toward the propeller-headed side of the spectrum myself.

As for Amanda, well, we're on opposite sides politically for the most part, but sheesh, at least she's prettier than Colbert. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 1:33 PM on 1 April 2006