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28 March 2006

The self-pwn3d man (the sequel)

Last we heard from Tuttle city manager Jerry Taylor, he was distraught at finding a default Apache information page instead of the town's Web site, and was sending out emails that just missed the threshold of hysteria.

He's no longer missing. To The Register, which broke the story, he sent this:

I do not follow instructions that show up when a website that I am not familiar with appears on my computer and I do not think anyone with experience would do so either. Once the Centos site appeared on four computers at one site I contacted our web service provider. The web service provider did not know what could cause the problem and had never heard of "CentOS". I then contacted the internet provider's local office and was told that they did nothing to cause the problem. I checked the building's server and found nothing relating to CentOS on the server. I was then left with only the web page email address to contact. I asked for the strange website to be removed because it blocked my City web site and I could not post public information. I only got help after threatening to contact the FBI.

Now I am being flooded with emails from CentOS users that after knowing the answer say the problem was simple. I think this is unjustified and would like for this to stop. Your website should provide useful information and be a credit to the IT world. I do not believe it should be used to incite the users. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

The users seem to be doing just fine inciting themselves, it seems to me.

But cut the guy some slack, wouldja please? If you were thinking of, say, sending him a batch file which runs fdisk, you might want to reconsider.

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