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25 March 2006

The self-pwn3d man

Ever seen this page before?

Yeah. No big deal. It's a default page that the CentOS version of Apache serves up before the Web server is given a proper index page.

But when a version of it showed up on, the Web site of the city of Tuttle, southwest of Oklahoma City, city manager Jerry Taylor spiraled into a State of High Guano.

Who gave you permission to invade my website and block me and anyone else from accessing it???

Please remove your software immediately before I report it to government officials!!

I am the City Manager of Tuttle, Oklahoma.

Ashlee Vance snickers in The Register:

Few people would initiate a tech support query like this, but these are dangerous times, and Taylor suspected the worst. (Er, but only the world's most boring hacker would break into a site and then throw up a boilerplate about how to fix the hack.)

After a heated exchange between Taylor and CentOS tech Johnny Hughes, the truth of the matter was at hand:

The problem has been resolved by VIDIA who used to host the City website. They still provide cable service but do not host the website. The explanation was that they had a crash and during the rebuild they reinstalled the software that affected our website.

Still not CentOS's fault, but hey, you work for the city, you find people to blame.

As of this writing, is still showing the Apache test page.

I could say something here about not letting your service provider also host your site, but I won't.

(Hat tip: Mad Mel.)

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Isn't a city manager technically a government official?

Posted by: aldahlia at 8:20 PM on 25 March 2006

In a council-manager system, the city manager is hired by the council to run the nuts-and-bolts aspects of the city.

But our man in Tuttle was threatening to take matters to a higher authority: the FBI, even.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:56 PM on 25 March 2006