The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

23 March 2006

The llama watches fearfully

I am loath to mess with a software installation that works: you'll note that this site is still running MovableType 2.64, which goes back to the days when Prester John was the Emperor of Ethopia.

That said, I decided to upgrade Winamp last night, because (1) my D: drive, where it resides normally, is occasionally flaky and (2) I reasoned that the difference between 5.20 and 2.80 might actually be substantial.

It could be my imagination, but the newer version seems to sound better, which makes very little sense; I'm guessing that it has a slightly better MP3 decoder. I haven't tried to play back or rip CDs yet.

And at least the old, familiar 2.x face is still available: I hate new interfaces.

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