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22 March 2006

ISP on you

The last time we mentioned Earthlink in this space, they were causing Matt Deatherage entirely too much grief.

Matt, you'll remember, was trying to cancel. But Dr. Weevil was trying to stay with them, and they screwed him over too:

When I finally got hold of a human being on the telephone Sunday evening, I was told that Earthlink no longer had possession of my domain, had nothing to do with it, and I should do a WhoIs through to find out who has it now.

And they offered to sell it back to him:

So I need to spend $49 to join ("the Exchange"), then bid a minimum of $200 to get my domain back possibly much more, since the anonymous bidding would (hypothetically) allow Host Master to pretend that there are other offers, even if there are none. All because Earthlink couldn't be bothered to bill me for another year of domain registration with them, or even e-mail me before canceling the registration. Perhaps I'm being cynical, but it looks to me like a technically legal but morally contemptible scam designed to cheat unwary customers.

(Disclosure: I keep a dialup from Earthlink for emergency and World Tour use.)

Posted at 7:04 AM to PEBKAC

Earthlink does domain registration?

Given how well they do Internet access <snerk> I'm shocked -- shocked! -- that anyone would have had a problem with their domain registration department.

[Disclaimer: I had to fire Network Solutions because they didn't get around to responding to my attempts to make a change to my account until ... after I had fired them. I fired Earthlink just because I was at long last sick and tired of dial-up.]

Posted by: McGehee at 7:20 AM on 22 March 2006

Even though I resent the history of business ethics by SBC, I guess I owe it to them (or should I say AT&T?) to report their good ISP service. Though I have long since moved my website hosting to a different provider, when I did use them to host my website, SBC provided a dependable and responsive service for my minimal needs - sans domain registration.

They are my fifth ISP over the past two decades and easily the best.(Never tried Earthlink.) The DSL connection is excellent in my rural location outside any city limits. The service also includes a dial-up account for use outside the home. The few disruptions in DSL service have been short-lived. I did have a billing problem once that drug on for a few months, but once I talked to a supervisor about it, was cleared up immediately.

However, their cell phone signal out here blows!

Posted by: Mike at 10:15 AM on 22 March 2006

We once spent most of a year trying to cancel Earthlink service and we never even signed up with them. We had dial-up service with a small local ISP which decided to get out of the ISP business and transferred everyone to Earthlink BUT customers were allowed to opt out, which we did well before the deadline and signed up with another local ISP but still got billed by Earthlink (ironically, with threats to cancel service if we didn't pay up). After several letters and several more heated phone conversations we finally got them to leave us alone.

Last year the second local ISP dumped all its customers on PeoplePC and, afraid we might have to go through the same thing again, we decided to try PeoplePC. Big mistake! PeoplePC sucks and blows and... well, I can't think of anything else bad enough to describe them. They are really, really bad.

Posted by: Lynn S at 12:52 PM on 22 March 2006