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16 March 2006

Time to stomp on Sally Kern

Remember when conservatives used to talk about smaller government? Rep. Sally Kern (R-OKC) has had her Hanes Her Way in a wad for at least a year over the possibility that some poor innocent child might stumble upon a book that doesn't take an unfavorable view of homosexuality. In 2005 she managed to get the House to vote for a resolution to restrict children's access to any such books, regardless of their target audience; this year the House has approved her bill to withhold state funding to any library which doesn't follow her dictum.

Mostly unmentioned in the kerfuffle is Kern's review process, which mandates the creation of a State Library Material Content Advisory Board. Another farging state agency! This is conservatism? Even people sympathetic to Kern's, um, cause have their doubts about this sort of thing. Said Rep. Mike Wilk (R-Bartlesville): "How many times are we going to run a state bill to fix an Oklahoma City problem?"

What's more, the Oklahoman, seldom described as gay-friendly, refuses to sign on:

We find it ironic that the bill said each policy should "reflect the contemporary community standard of the community the library is located in." In putting the bill on a path to becoming law, lawmakers are taking away such local control and substituting it with their judgment. It's not the Legislature's job to tell libraries which books to stock and where to put them. Local library boards are capable of making decisions on whether restricted access is necessary.

Kern insists:

I'm not a Nazi. I believe in free speech. But for every right we have, there is a responsibility.

Indeed. The state Senate has a responsibility to abort this monstrosity before it reaches any stage of viability.

(Thanks to Library Stories, which has stayed on top of this story from the beginning.)

Update, 20 March: Mike of Okiedoke endorses the compromise position adopted by the Metro Library System: "[W]hy do I think this is a good compromise? Because both sides are still unhappy." A good sign indeed.

Update, 8 March 2008: Whatever happened to "When you're in a hole, quit digging"?

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Thanks for you and Library Stories for hammering on this ...

Unfortunately she really shouldnt suprise anyone ... she made it clear when campaigning that she stood for all of the things she is doing. But folks rarely think that a rational human would really do stuff like this. She is a nutcake with a little frosting on top and you know how people love frosting.

Hopefully 20 years from now the people will look back and shudder at what fools they were to support this caricature.
All we can do is hope her foolishness doesnt stick to the pan.

Posted by: ron at 9:46 AM on 16 March 2006

But for every right we have, there is a responsibility.

Apparently she's never heard of parents.

Then again, after Sean Gleeson's experience, I don't want this broad getting into those issues.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:19 AM on 16 March 2006

She really *is* Bill Graves in drag.

Posted by: Bobbert at 1:22 PM on 16 March 2006

so trying to stem the tide of indoctrinating faggotry upsets your secular-progressive sensibilities? Tough Noogies!

Posted by: paulsmos at 1:32 PM on 16 March 2006

Censorship sucks. Government-mandated censorship, in particular, is inexcusable.

Reference "The Tin Drum Fiasco".

Posted by: unimpressed at 5:53 PM on 16 March 2006

Rather, "The Tin Drum" fiasco....

Posted by: unimpressed at 5:53 PM on 16 March 2006

Sally Kern is WORSE than Bill Graves. Not only on the social issues, but on her intrusive big government philosophy to police our culture. I find my self becoming more of a libertarian as time goes on. Republicans sure can't be counted on to watch government spending - and needless to say, Democrats can't either.

By the way, I got a mailer from Chip Keating, Governor Keating's son, who is running for HD 85. I was turned off when I saw the blue and yellow Frank Keating logo being "passed down" to the son. Same thing Worthen did.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 8:33 PM on 16 March 2006

Thanks for helping spread the word about this legislation. I guess it's a wait-and-see now on how the Senate deals with it.

Posted by: Adri at 1:55 PM on 17 March 2006