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2 March 2006

Freeze a jolly good fellow

When Ask Jeeves announced that they were undergoing an extreme makeover, they let it be known that they were putting Jeeves himself on ice.

Or carbonite, which I suppose is close enough.

Posted at 1:39 PM to PEBKAC

I posted some time back about an AskJeeves search that led to my blog, but to nothing resembling the right answer to the question that was posed -- so I gave the answer and then linked to a Teoma search that would have taken the searcher right to it. My closing jab: "Next time, try Teoma."

Now Teoma is no more -- it's been assimilated by

From now on, I'm using Dogpile.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:20 PM on 2 March 2006