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21 February 2006

Yet another argument for a Mac

And, well, at least it wasn't a Blue Screen of Death.

(Via Fark)

Posted at 7:47 PM to PEBKAC

Just got thru reading Dvorak - he thinks Apple will be going to Windows - going to x86 architecture was one of the first steps.

Posted by: Jeffro at 8:57 PM on 21 February 2006

Heh. I don't think the BSOD can be pushed to an external display.

And simply put - Dvorak is on crack. Without OS X, a Macintosh is just a really expensive top-end computer competing in a commodity PC market that has very little top-end. I wouldn't buy one that ran only Windows. And neither would 90% of current Macintosh owners.

Mac diehards are complaining about a transparent architecture switch (PPC to x86 - somehow Intel chips aren't ideologically pure) You think they'd put up with Windows? Two words - "p" and "shaw."

And you'd think MS would come up with a solution to this error message on external displays problem. I can't tell you how many times I've run across the Edmond school district's PPT slides frozen in time with a big ugly MS error emblazoned across the screen. (Usually for 24 - 48 hours over the weekend!)

Posted by: Dan at 11:49 PM on 21 February 2006

I just read the Dvorak column yesterday. For years I have thought John was just allowed out of the home under supervision on the weekends, and that's when he sneaks out those columns and opinions he pens. This one also sounded hokey, but something along the way made me think ... he may have stumbled onto one here. Who would have ever thought of a Mac with an Intel processor. Two years ago that would have been heresy.

It may come down to a real Catch-22 for Jobs and company ... they make Windows available in order to retain enough market share to stay in business, or kill the business anyway with nothing but another clone that crashes and blue-screens...

I am a Windows on Intel guy - that puts food on my table for going on 17 years now - but I hope Apple doesn't screw up their excellent product by dlling it to death.

Posted by: Winston at 5:50 AM on 22 February 2006

It's interesting what Mac users were saying on that linked page about the Windows machines they claim to use. My wife and I leave our Windows machines on almost continuously.

She had problems with crashes and freeze-ups, until I reconfigured her bugbox to stop a lot of bad, non-Microsoft (ahem) software from loading automatically on boot-up. Software vendors like to give everything an unnecessary TSR component so they can put a useless icon in the tasktray (which gets hidden anyway in XP), and that reserves resources for no good reason.

Of course, people who mostly use Macs might not be familiar enough with their Windows machines to know such things...

Posted by: McGehee at 10:52 AM on 22 February 2006