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21 February 2006

Asymmetrical location

It's no particular secret that Oklahoma City is undergoing a downtown renaissance of sorts, and while most of us who live around here are somewhere between pleased and thrilled, there have been a few complaints about how you'd never know it if you happened to be motoring by on the freeway: even if wondrous things are happening at street level, and they are, it's still pretty much the same old skyline.

I get a little bit unnerved by the thought of really tall structures here in the Big Breezy, even though nothing inhabited has fallen lately. (WKY radio lost its tower in a tornado in 1998.) I mean, I don't even go to Nikz, which, on the 20th floor, isn't all that high up.

Still, this is amazing, and you know it's going to dominate the Louisville skyline when it's finished four years or so from now, and I find myself thinking that maybe we ought to do something this grandiose, this breathtaking, this freaking tall out here on the prairie.

Even if I don't ever get above the 20th floor.

(Via Nobody Asked.)

Posted at 5:54 AM to Entirely Too Cool

We've got nothing to rival that here in Music City. Unless you count the Batman bldg. Now let's see ... where I can find a stock photo of that one...

Thanks for the head nod...

Posted by: Winston at 6:35 AM on 21 February 2006

That Louisville building looks like it's doing the Boy Scout salute or something. Scout's honor.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:20 AM on 21 February 2006

Opinions here in Louisville are predictably divided on the building. I despise the Humana Building (it's the tall building closest to the site of the new one, but it's awfulness in not truly captured by the shot from across the Ohio).

Myself, I love it, erector set/Transformers associations notwithstanding. I encourage you to check out the video at that site. It's very cool.

Posted by: Dodd at 12:06 PM on 21 February 2006

Eww! Keep those architects away from OKC!

Posted by: Dan at 11:53 PM on 21 February 2006