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20 January 2006

Taking a stand against evil

Rep. Guy Liebmann (R-Oklahoma City) has prefiled House Bill 2083, which if passed would permit the filing of lawsuits against purveyors of spyware and other scummy software.

Under 2083, service or hardware providers, or the Attorney General, would be allowed to sue anyone or any entity who "deceitfully" plants unwanted software on a computer.

Things I want to know: if burying something in the second paragraph of a EULA will constitute deceit, and how effective this measure will be against a pack of sociopaths in deepest Elbonia.

Posted at 7:25 AM to PEBKAC , Soonerland

Local, state and federal legislators seem to be periodically moved by unseen forces to quell the tide of eVarmints. Too bad they have no clue what they're dealing with or how to stop it. What a waste of their time and taxpayer money...

Posted by: Winston at 9:36 AM on 21 January 2006

Here is the interesting thing: Oklahoma was on the cutting edge when it came to Spam. The Oklahoma version of the federal CAN-SPAM Act was passed in 1999, 5 years before Congress saw fit to address the issue.

Posted by: Chris at 3:09 PM on 22 January 2006