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30 December 2005

Adventures in the Urban Zone

I take this Table for One business very seriously: I truly hate eating alone, and when I have to, which is 99-point-something percent of the time, I'll either grind something out in the kitchen or grab a sack at the drive-through. Neither of these circumstances gives me any credibility as a food critic. (If you have to ask someone where you should eat, ask Sean Gleeson.)

Then again, 99-point-something is not a hundred, and when Dan Lovejoy suggested "Let's do lunch," and was willing to let me pick the location, I got to weigh two criteria "What's different?" and "What haven't I seen yet?" and came up with the idea of Café do Brasil, which vacated its old spot in the Victoria Building (18th and Classen) some months back and has now resurfaced at 11th and Walker.

The atmosphere, as you might expect, is cheerily-controlled chaos; among the proffered soups du jour was the ineffable "Cream of Something," which I decided I might want to pass up. What I did get was the Plato Sao Paulo, which is a bed of rice and black beans about yea high, overlaid with strips of chicken breast, diced red onions and tomatoes. Simple but effective. Dan tried out one of the specialty pies. We traded stories of perfidy at work, and pronounced ourselves quite full when the check (less than $20) came.

Not quite on the way back home, I remembered something that I'd read about in one of Downtown OKC's Skyline Snapshots:

Located at NE 7th Street and Oklahoma Avenue this 2150 square foot urban loft residence lies amidst a definitively resurging area. With the convenience of downtown accessibility and the proximity to Automobile Alley, Deep Deuce and Bricktown, this modern designed home embodies urban living while capitalizing on the Oklahoma City skyline views. The clarity and openness of its plan, flexible spatial organization, balanced proportions and outdoor living spaces truly exemplify the client's desire for a dwelling/studio concept. The easily adaptable, functionally flexible home is site specific with directionally framed views always providing a connection to the outdoors.

Status: Designed by J3 Architecture, this private residence is currently under construction with completion expected in March 2006.

So I drove to 33 NE 7th to see what was up, and while evidence of that definitive resurging is presently conspicuous by its absence, I am prepared to assert that even in its unfinished state, this is one cool-looking house, and I am prepared to envy the client who is undoubtedly paying big bucks for it.

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May I also suggest Cafe Pranzo? Nice little Italian place in the Collenade shopping center north of Britton on May. Both of my offspring wait tables there.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 5:25 PM on 30 December 2005

I've found some nice people to have lunch with by advertising on Craig's List in "strictly platonic." I find almost anybody is interesting enough to enjoy one lunch hour with. Unfortunately, few are interesting enough that the second time is not boring.

Posted by: Melinama at 9:15 PM on 30 December 2005