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18 December 2005

At the Festival of St. Vinton of Cerf

FWP intones:

The Web has made it possible for me to express myself in ways that, little more than a decade ago, were out of reach of all but a few. It's allowed me to find friends and kindred spirits I'd never otherwise have known. And it's renewed my conviction that the great majority of Americans really are the tolerant, decent, agreeable sorts I'd always believed them to be.

The Church really should nominate a patron saint of the Internet Protocols.

I think this is being assigned to Isidore of Seville (c. 560-636), the "Schoolmaster of the Middle Ages," though I doubt that his name was passed on to I. F. Stone, who published a weekly (later biweekly) newsletter which, as much as any 20th-century publication, is an inspiration for the 21st-century blog.

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Was it St. Vinton of Cerf's Day? I missed it...rats!

Posted by: akaky at 1:42 PM on 18 December 2005