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23 October 2005

A suitable Halloween libation

Especially if you're having, you know, grownups over:

Vampire Merlot can take on the biggest char-grilled steaks and barbequed pork cutlets that you can throw at it, but it also has the fine elegance of this classic variety, allowing it to be served at parties with buffet foods and dips.

Although there are, of course, precautions to be taken:

The wine's lively, dark purple color will destroy your carpet so be careful!

Which would, as they say, really suck.

Vampire also produces an energy drink, a vodka, and Dracola Cola. Only the merlot, though, seems to have that true Transylvania twist.

(Via Population Statistic.)

Posted at 1:05 PM to Worth a Fork

Well, then they need to make a sour-mash whiskey...

Posted by: McGehee at 2:05 PM on 23 October 2005

I have a bottle of some sort of white wine that was bottled in Transylvania. It is called Vampire and has a trickle of blood printed on its label.

Never tried it but it is in my collection.

Posted by: This&That at 1:45 PM on 24 October 2005