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21 September 2005

Sam's bandwidth club

Someone wandered over here yesterday by way of Wal-Mart Connect: apparently the Behemoth of Bentonville now has its own presumably-discounted ISP. Any of you have any experience good, bad or indifferent with it? I'm not looking for a new ISP, but I'm curious to see how the home of Low Prices Über Alles handles this fairly mundane task.

Posted at 7:01 AM to PEBKAC

I don't know if it's the same, but my sister uses's "samlink" from walmart, and likes it.

Posted by: stratguy at 8:00 AM on 21 September 2005

My parents have been with wmconnect since I helped them set it up about Christmas last year. They seem happy with it. I haven't heard them complain at all. My mother wanted to go with it because it was significantly cheaper than AOL.

Posted by: Thomas Pfau at 8:30 AM on 21 September 2005

I've used it on business travel: it basically is AOL, slightly repackaged.

Posted by: Craig at 11:55 AM on 23 September 2005