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19 September 2005

It's gotta be the shoes

This particular pair of pumps spawned this amusing interchange:
Red pumps

Jan:   "Can you just imagine how gorgeous the gams on the woman who wears these?"

Angi:  "Yes, Gorgeous Gams, but I hope she's packing ibuprofen."

Which suggests a scenario: "Should I wear these?" "Oh, by all means. I'll carry the pill bottle."

Posted at 7:54 AM to Rag Trade

My wife spent about 10 hours in a pair of medium-high heels a few weeks ago (she was a bridesmaid) and only got feeling back in her pinky toe last week. Methinks there are better ways to attract guys' attention than wearing shoes that cause pain and long-lasting damage.

Posted by: Steve G. at 12:13 PM on 19 September 2005

What pill bottle? I tend to wear at *least* 3 1/2 heels-and my feet are fine.
BTW, those are beautiful shoes, where are they from?

Posted by: wamprat at 1:48 PM on 19 September 2005

Jan found them; I've left her a note.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:14 PM on 19 September 2005

Found 'em on Sorry I didn't write down the name of the designer, but they were in the high heels section (obviously). These look like they have a little more toe room that some of the heels we've been seeing lately.

Posted by: Jan at 2:22 PM on 19 September 2005

By the way, they cost $603, which hurts more than mere physical pain.

Posted by: Jan at 2:26 PM on 19 September 2005

Thanks, I tend to buy most of my shoes from Zappos; I wear a small size and they're hard to find.

Posted by: wamprat at 2:56 PM on 19 September 2005

I. Love. Them.

Posted by: Rachel at 7:47 PM on 19 September 2005

Well, it appears that the women with gorgeous gams really go for this style.

(filing this information away for future reference)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:58 AM on 20 September 2005

Although I think that whoever invented heels was undoubtedly a male (sadistic, mysogynistic SOB, to say the least)heels do make one's legs look longer, leaner and more shapely. Yes, I have and will continue to wear them and pack the painkillers. However, as maturity (read OLDER and HARDER TO MAINTAIN BALANCE) ensues, I probably should consider "sensible" heels. Consider Mae West.

Posted by: M. Carol Perkins at 5:25 PM on 20 September 2005

One woman's "sensible" is another woman's "You think I'm gonna wear that?"

I showed this picture to several women at the shop. In general, the shorter they were, the better they seemed to respond to the shoes, though all of them balked at the price tag.

If I ever see anyone wearing them, I promise to pay close attention indeed.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:42 PM on 20 September 2005

I have identified these shoes as the Etro 6025, which is described as follows:

  • Paint the town red in these beautiful round toe pumps.
  • Suede upper and covered heel with Swarovski encrusted ornamentation.
  • Lightly padded footbed is lined with metallic leather.
  • Leather sole.
  • 3½" heel.

Sizes 6 through 10, plus 7½, 8½ and 9½, in Medium width only.

Price is indeed $603.95, though they're offering free shipping through this Friday.

Zappos link here.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:53 PM on 20 September 2005