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12 September 2005

Volt tampering

That power outage on the West Coast will be blamed for many things in the next few days, so I'm jumping in now to blame it for the three hours this site, the actual server for which is located in a Los Angeles suburb, was down today. (Power failed about 2:40 pm Central; they were able to keep running for 40-45 minutes on battery backup, but that's all she wrote. First visitor after the outage arrived at 6:21.)

There were a couple of emails asking where the heck I was. I had no idea I was so essential to anyone's entertainment. :)

Posted at 8:08 PM to Blogorrhea

Oh, you have no idea. ;-)

Forty minutes on battery is pretty impressive. I suppose you have to keep not only the web servers themselves up, but the routers, switches, and various other network infrastructure. That sounds very complicated. still appears to be down.

Posted by: Dan Lovejoy at 8:17 PM on 12 September 2005

They're working on it. From the corporate blog:

[N]ow, finally power is back up and servers are being restored. We lost a net app and had to replace the head unit from a hot spare. A few servers were of course wonky, and right now three bad cabinet switches are still being worked on (so many web sites ARE still down).

There will be more posts soon, and hopefully everything will be up within the next hour.

Also, just FYI for people who donít know, we keep in San Jose, completely off our network, just to update people in times like this when our panel (still down) and everything is kaput. This is actually the first time we've used it!

(And yes, I did keep an eye on it.)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:57 PM on 12 September 2005

My hosting service took a nose dive as well. It was back up in about 2 or 3 hours though.

Posted by: Bobby at 11:51 PM on 12 September 2005

My So. Cal. host crapped out on me for a couple hours. Now I'm wondering what those advertised on-site generators were for?

Posted by: MikeH at 8:27 AM on 13 September 2005

They probably stayed up, but their network providers got zapped, so the servers were sitting there whirring with nothing going on until the generators themselves gave out.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:32 AM on 13 September 2005

I wondered why it seemed that half of the internet was down. Makes sense now.

Posted by: ms7168 at 1:21 PM on 13 September 2005