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8 September 2005

One notch below ramen

If that's possible. Call it Garbage Soup:

Here’s what you need:
  • A hot plate.
  • A saucepan.
  • Leftover chicken bones from a (recent) meal at KFC or Boston Market or whatever that you would normally have thrown out.
  • Water.

Throw the chicken bones into the sauce pan and cover them with water. Heat the water to boiling and then lower the temperature to simmer for about an hour. Pour out the broth into a mug or bowl. Presto! Chicken soup. As weird and disgusting as this sounds, it really does work and it tastes pretty good.

Having once attempted to simulate Bloody Mary mix with a fistful of ketchup packets, I'm not even going to scoff.

Posted at 1:42 PM to Worth a Fork

Well actually, I'm not surprised. That's what they traditionally used the leftover bones for: making soup. And bones from fast food chicken are already seasoned. (And yes, I've done this. But I added ramen noodles.)

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 2:02 PM on 8 September 2005

You can't sink below ramen. It cannot be done.


Posted by: hln at 8:38 PM on 8 September 2005

You can sink lower. A friend of a friend -- a grad student with an insufficient stipend -- once lived for weeks on a diet of Kraft macaroni and cheese without butter or milk: just noodles, water, and powdered 'cheese'. As I recall, he ended up in the hospital, where all the doctors gathered round to examine the first case of scurvy they'd ever seen outside of books.

Posted by: Dr. Weevil at 9:37 PM on 8 September 2005

KRAFT macaroni & cheese? Trust fund brats!

In my day, we couldn't afford real fancy schmancy brand-name MACARONI & CHEESE, all spelled spelled correctly. We had to buy "Best Value Macarooni and Cheez."

And we liked it!

Posted by: Dan at 11:59 PM on 8 September 2005

In Canada, it's not even called "Kraft Macaroni and Cheese" -- I believe that is because the Canadian equivalent of the FDA will not allow them to use the word "cheese" to describe the contents of the little foil pouch. So, up north, it's known as "Kraft Dinner."

Posted by: Thad at 11:12 PM on 9 September 2005