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7 September 2005

At least it wasn't a flat

I really wasn't expecting my lawn mower to throw a wheel this evening.

Actually, it didn't throw the wheel, exactly, but the attachment was looser than Paris Hilton's code of conduct: I pulled up the deck and there was about ¾ turn left before the wheel and the bolt parted company.

It was an easy-enough fix with the Vise-Grip®, but what I wonder is this: Why didn't I notice it when I put it away Saturday morning? A wheel skewed 15 degrees is, to say the least, kind of obvious.

Posted at 8:05 PM to General Disinterest

Could it be that after mowing the lawn Saturday, you, yourself, were skewed 15 degrees?

Posted by: MikeH at 9:57 PM on 7 September 2005

You two and your wheelblogging. Jeez.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 10:00 PM on 7 September 2005

The wheel was only skewed 15 degrees? It had a full 3/4 turn before coming off? It didn't look at the neighbor's riding lawnmower and proclaim "that's hot"?

No way was it looser than Paris Hilton's anything, pal.

Posted by: Ian Hamet at 10:50 PM on 7 September 2005

...looser than Paris Hilton's code of conduct...

Posted by: Donna at 6:05 AM on 8 September 2005

The back yard, which was mowed Saturday, is actually comparatively flat. I should have seen it then.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:24 AM on 8 September 2005

Thank God it stayed on. What might have happened if it had fallen completely off?

Posted by: Dan at 10:33 AM on 8 September 2005

It would have rolled under the car (since the discovery was made in the garage) and I would have treated the neighbors to a whole new page of the Anglo-Saxon lexicon.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:35 AM on 8 September 2005