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17 August 2005

Meanwhile on Triple X Road

McGehee is not impressed with the Bush Administration's unwillingness to embrace the concept of a .xxx domain for smut 'n stuff:

What the .xxx TLD will do is create an easily filtered "ghetto" of porn sites. Want to keep your kids from surfing for cyberporn, just block any website with a .xxx URL, and voila!

Perhaps it's just that the White House doesn't want to look like it's actually approving of the sort of thing that would belong in an .xxx site, but considering how much of the stuff is distributed through just about every other top-level domain, you'd think they'd appreciate this gesture toward ghettoization.

Not that smut peddlers will appreciate it, necessarily:

[I]f I were a purveyor of cybersmut, Id avoid .xxx domain names like the plague.

I'm starting to think there should be a top-level domain just for blogs, in which case I'm going to have to produce an alternate version of the top graphic reading dustbury.bfd.

(Note: There really is a Triple X Road sometimes rendered "Triple XXX Road," which seems slightly redundant in Oklahoma City; it's a section-line road located at the 17000 block East.)

Posted at 5:00 PM to PEBKAC

If it weren't for porn, there'd be no internet as we know it.

Posted by: aldahlia at 7:48 PM on 17 August 2005

Ah, XXX Road! I remember it -- not too far from where I lived on Hummingbird Circle!

Posted by: david at 9:50 PM on 17 August 2005

.bfd. Hah!

Posted by: Matt at 10:02 PM on 17 August 2005

I know the original ARPANET folks would disagree but I'm with aldahlia ... the internet "as we know it" has been fueled by porn and the technology to deliver it.

... and of course we are the better for it :) Real men DO use porn despite the Nancy Reaganish billboards to the contratry ...

Posted by: Ron at 8:01 AM on 18 August 2005