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3 August 2005

One variable at a time

Linksys apparently has a new driver for my Wi-Fi adapter (dated 28 July, and you can't get much newer than that), so I'm downloading all 33 mb of that little jewel and will try once more to reinstall that card and get it to work.

If it fails this time, I think I'm going to seek out a competitor's card. (Don't wait up for the results; I'm not doing this right away, but I wanted to post a reminder so I don't forget about it somewhere down the road.)

Posted at 6:22 AM to PEBKAC

My card is an Apple product, but if it weren't I'd go with Linksys. Like 'em a lot.

Thirty three megs for a driver is pretty ridiculous. That's bigger than the entire hard drive that we got with my first Mac (a 20MB external drive attached via SCSI to the a Mac Plus, in case you were wondering)

Not as bad as 160MB for an HP scanner driver, which for a while had to ORDER on CD!

Posted by: Dan at 1:18 PM on 3 August 2005