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2 August 2005

It could be voice

Does your podcast stink? According to Costa, it might be the way you sound:

[T]he worst thing about podcasting is the incomprehensibility of the average person's speech patterns. If they're serious about spewing their stuff in audio form, they should counteract the inherent laziness in the approach by ensuring that their voice is as clear and distinct as possible.

Not that he thinks he's some kind of role model for the rest of us:

I wouldn't mind getting a consultation from a vocal coach. I know I can improve my everyday speech usage, particularly for personal interaction. And I encounter people every day who certainly can use the tune-up.

It would take more than a "tune-up" to help some of us.

On the other hand, or ear, I could probably listen to Julie Neidlinger all day: her delivery is not the slickest in the world, but she doesn't grate, which is surely worth something.

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