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28 July 2005

You can't use that

Sean Gleeson once tried to explain to me the manifest benefits of b2evolution and why it wasn't anywhere nearly as sucky as [fill in name of CMS software used by someone else].

Apparently this same explanation is lost on his Web host, which seems to have shut him down until he switches to something else. I don't know enough about b2evolution to say what the problem is, though I suspect that heavy database usage is what cheesed off the host.

On an impulse, I looked at my own database results at my host. Over the last 30 days, I've had 22,064 connections and 863,048 queries. The rule of thumb at DH is:

The ratio column gives you the number of queries divided by 25 times the number of connects, and is an indicator of whether you're using a disproportionate number of database connections.

A value of 1 is ideal (meaning 1 connect for every 25 queries). Ratios less than one mean you're using less than 25 queries per connection, an indication of either poor connection management or a particularly simple database.

For the thirty days just ended, I have a ratio of 1.565, about 39 queries per connection. I assume I'm still in their good graces for now.

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I loaded b2evolution for my sister's Web site. The skins are a pain in the butt. You would think by now there would be some nice and easy blog/photoblog/website mangager out there somewhere.

Posted by: Donna at 8:43 AM on 28 July 2005

Wordpress was built off of b2, I believe. The skins are a bit easier to manage in the newest releases, and it seems to work fine.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:09 AM on 29 July 2005