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8 July 2005

Amazon women on the move

It was six-thirty when I saw them rounding the corner: tall, fierce, formidable. I'd be outnumbered by one, but here were two, and fortunately for me, they were happy to see me.

Donna and her sister Lisa greeted me in downtown Newtown, and we promptly descended upon Isaac Newton's and discoursed on dozens of situations of varying gravity.

Lisa disappeared for a moment and returned with Master Beauregard Duke Bebop W. Le Moko, a charming young fellow who was anxious to make friends. (Bobo also got in a few licks at one Harry, a West Highland White Terrier who was heading in the other direction, or so he thought.) A splendid time was had by all, although one question continues to nag at me: Why aren't the guys lined up at her door yea deep? Did beautiful, smart and funny suddenly become disqualifiers?

For those who demand photographic evidence, be assured that it exists, as surely as the Cake Batter ice cream at the Zebra-Striped Whale.

And just as sweet.

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It was six-thirty eight when we rounded the corner, I was angry at Lisa for taking her time getting ready and worried Charles had been waiting long for us. All was fine, he smiled when we arrived and didn't mention our lack of punctuality. I had given......[read more]

Why aren't the guys lined up at her door yea deep? Did beautiful, smart and funny suddenly become disqualifiers?

You said it yourself: "tall, fierce, formidable." Add in "beautiful, smart and funny" and you've got a recipe for maximum intimidation of pretty much all of the nice guys out there.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:15 AM on 9 July 2005

Add "...and they got a mouth on 'em" and I'll say I like 'em like that; bring 'em on :)*

(*Blog Comment Disclaimer: I must self identify as a 2nd Amendment defending, Death penalty supporting, Centrist Democrat with left leaning tendencies on social issues)

Posted by: Ron at 11:56 AM on 9 July 2005

Kevin, I respectfully disagree, from at least a woman's perspective, because what you're basically saying is that if a woman is tall, self-assured, intelligent and beautiful, that the 'nice guys' out there are intimidated. I might think that guys that had no self-esteem of their own would be the ones to be intimidated, but I wouldn't imagine that has to include 'nice guys'. Again, I'm not a guy, but aren't there 'nice guys' who are comfortable with themselves who wouldn't be intimidated by such a woman?

Or from a man's perspective, does 'nice' equal 'wimpy'?

Or am I reading too much into it? Probably so. As I'm typing this I am taking a break from cleaning out my daughter's closet (TEN BIG TRASH BAGS so far), so I'm probably taking it way out of context simply from how bored I am.

(PS Charles -- being 5'8" myself, I hope nobody ever refers to me as an Amazon. Connotation and all, you know. :)

Posted by: Vickie at 12:19 PM on 9 July 2005

Vickie, I'm pretty sure the title is a reference to a movie title rather than something else ...

Posted by: Mel at 1:26 PM on 9 July 2005

Yep, she's a babe. The problem is not the nice guy syndrome, it's just that there aren't any good yankee guys. Were she to come down south I'm most confident her calendar would be full. :)

Posted by: uturn at 2:00 PM on 9 July 2005

I knew that Mel...

Just busting on him.

Hopefully he knew that.

Posted by: Vickie at 2:24 PM on 9 July 2005

I'm not gonna mention how tall they are, but they're taller than Vickie. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 4:10 PM on 9 July 2005

Sounds like a fun evening.

Why are there no decent men around?

Because we don't raise good men any more.

The default male is a slime-sucking maggot-eating oaf.

It takes a great deal of effort to raise large numbers of decent men.

Western society has failed to do this task for quite a few years now and now the tall and beautiful women must sift throught the dross in seach of even moderately decent men.

Sad but true.

Posted by: bleedinbrain at 7:50 PM on 9 July 2005

Honestly? I think the same can be said for a definitive lack of "good" women.

Posted by: Vickie at 7:56 PM on 9 July 2005

There are decent people out there, I am sure of it. I just simply don't get out enough and instead choose to use dating services where there is a much larger percentage of weird, socially inept, and extremely picky people. These are the types that are easily intimidated by just about anything.

I like what Dawn Eden wrote:

Posted by: Donna at 8:11 AM on 10 July 2005

Dare we suggest that the online community itself has a disproportionate number of weird, socially inept, and extremely picky people?

(Oddly, this shoe almost seems to fit.)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:16 AM on 10 July 2005

Or from a man's perspective, does 'nice' equal 'wimpy'?

I was, of course, over-generalizing. But it's worth bearing in mind that a man of any caliber who can hike up his pants and walk up to a beautiful woman like he honestly believes he's got a shot, is definitely not lacking in the self-image department -- but may not measure up all that well to whatever his self-image may be.

In my case, being 43 and married, and looking like this ,I fall squarely into the "easy for me to say" camp. ;-)

Posted by: McGehee at 7:42 PM on 10 July 2005

Bad link. Should be this.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:44 PM on 10 July 2005

why she is even thinking of a dating service? I have no idea....

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at 9:57 PM on 10 July 2005

Your guess is as good, perhaps better, than mine.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:41 AM on 11 July 2005

You gotta do something...

Posted by: Donna at 8:21 AM on 11 July 2005

"tall, fierce, formidable." have nothing to do with Donna not finding a man, as many men are very attracted to those qualities. If you read Donnaville, you will see that see is living in "fantasy land" looking for Mr Perfect. She finds something wrong with every guy, and blows it way out of proportion. She needs to loosen up a little and have fun. I have talked to 2 of the guys she went out with and they said she was "fucking nuts"!

Posted by: George Glass at 8:49 AM on 11 July 2005

George has delusions of adequacy.

Posted by: Donna at 12:57 PM on 11 July 2005

Well, obviously she can't be hypercritical, because she didn't find anything wrong with me. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:52 PM on 11 July 2005

Charles, has this entry earned the distinction of having the most comments in Dustbury history?

Posted by: Donna at 3:02 PM on 11 July 2005

It has now.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:20 PM on 11 July 2005

If you read Donnaville, you will see that see is living in "fantasy land" looking for Mr Perfect.

Seeing as how she's the one who has to spend the next several decades with the guy, I'd think it's up to her what the standards should be.

Heck, even I have a gal, maybe two, in my past who might say of me what George says of Donna. There having been no murders or suicides since then, I'd say we're all winners in how things have turned out.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:15 PM on 11 July 2005

I agree with George! Donna needs to have some drunken one night stands and get her groove back.

Posted by: Hank at 8:54 AM on 13 July 2005

This is Donna's mother and Hank-- you are out of line! Besides, Donna is plenty groovy!

Posted by: Rosa at 7:07 PM on 13 July 2005


There has to be someone in the bout a bookstore......?

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at 10:55 PM on 13 July 2005

This is Hank's mother and Rosa-- you are out of line! If it was not for drunken one night stands, my precious Hank would not be here, nor would about a billion other people.

Posted by: Ethel at 8:57 AM on 14 July 2005

Do not feed the trolls.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:38 PM on 14 July 2005

Does anyone know a cute blogger in the city that would match with Donna? We need to set them up.

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at 3:40 PM on 14 July 2005

Museums. You have to assume that anyone there has at least the minimum daily requirement of brain cells.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:15 PM on 16 July 2005