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25 June 2005

Saturday spottings (judge not)

So I'm tooling up the Lake Hefner Parkway and not actually looking (much) at the blonde in the red Mustang convertible, when a member of the Anti-Destination League shows up in the lane ahead of me: a greener-than-thou Toyota Prius at a stolid 61 mph, impeding progress and probably proud of it. I noted that this was probably just my evocation of a standard stereotype, and such things have been wrong before fercryingoutloud, I actually once knew a gay man who was an absolute slob, which conventional wisdom says is impossible, or at least unheard of but it didn't stop me from uttering a few choice Anglo-Saxonisms as I passed the little electric wheezer. (Speed limit on this section of the Parkway is in fact 65 mph.)

Northwest 122nd Street this far west has some weirdnesses. It hadn't dawned on me, for instance, that the new John Marshall High School is going in next door to a station of the Oklahoma City Police Department. (Write your own joke.) And while fancy subdivisions continue to sprout, occasionally there are traces of what used to be; there's a working oil rig out there still.

I was out in this neck of the woods at the invitation of a reader who lives in the magical 73142 ZIP code, albeit in a house selling for less than half of the $850k suggested by that Forbes article. (And you know, if you can get something this spiffy for $350k, it's very hard for me to imagine something worth half a million more.) Said reader took exception to some of the assumptions in that piece: for instance, we're talking a family of four here, two of whom are teenage boys, and they don't spend anywhere near $20k a year for food. Bargain hunters, of course, exist in all income groups, from lowest to highest. ("As does profligacy," I said sadly as I wrote the check to the supermarket this afternoon.)

The advantages of living behind a gate? "Where we used to live, we were vandalized just about every week." New Urbanists and such hate gated communities because they insulate their residents from the common folk; I rather suspect that there wouldn't be such a demand if so many of said common folk didn't act so, well, common.

And eastbound on Memorial Road at a crisp clip, I was passed up by someone in a big hurry in a Toyota Prius. Under the circumstances, I suppose I should have apologized for driving too slowly.

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Heck, ya shoulda stopped in. We don't live in a gated community & we don't get vandalized every week. It must be because we're the 'nice' neighbors. :)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 9:38 AM on 27 June 2005