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8 June 2005

Note to someone in a hurry

If you can't bestir yourself to go to the trouble of putting actual paper in the remote printer, there's very little reason for me to answer system messages about it, y'know?

Posted at 10:40 AM to PEBKAC

A co-worker wanted me to print out a news story for him yesterday on a scanner/faxer/copier/printer unit management just placed in our computer area. A supervisor showed us how the copy function worked and installed the printer software, so how disappointing it was when the print que kept refusing to send the output to the printer. (Yes, it had paper.) I eventually found that someone didn't realize that you had to swap the printer cable from the old printer to the new one for it to work. We don't soar like eagles a whole lot where I work.

So, just in case, how can I reach you in the future?

Posted by: MikeH at 2:14 PM on 8 June 2005

/dev/null works better than you think. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:43 PM on 8 June 2005