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7 June 2005

Maximum cram

Everybody who burns the occasional audio CD knows the drill: 650 MB/74 minutes, or (far more common these days) 700 MB/80 minutes. I've run a few discs up to the 79:45 mark before, but never before did I attempt 80:00.05.

And Nero (version 5.5) balked. Not enough space, it insisted. I reedited a couple of fadeouts and got it down to 79:59.55. (Before you ask: I had changed the default 2-second between-track spacing already.)

No soap.

I did a tighter fade on two more songs. At 79:58.30, it took.

It's gotta be that damn digital. Most of my 90-minute cassettes run 91:45 or thereabouts.

Posted at 6:17 AM to PEBKAC

If you're using Nero, you'll have to enable "overburn" in the application preferences before it'll even let you attempt going over the established limit. Look under the "Expert Features" tab.

Posted by: Jeff Lawson at 11:37 AM on 7 June 2005

Hmmm. I remembered that from 5.0, but forgot it for 5.5. Or something.

Maybe it's time to get version 6 after all.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:43 AM on 7 June 2005