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26 May 2005

Qwertyer than thou

I type about 55 wpm with four to seven fingers, but I have to glance down at the keys every once in a while to make sure I haven't migrated so far off the home row that I'm inadvertently creating manual cryptography.

Of course, if this catches on, there's an obvious idea for product placement have the Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman use one of these on her computer but I, as a typist, am doomed.

(Via Brian J. Noggle, who isn't buying one either.)

Posted at 6:29 AM to PEBKAC

What would be cheaper would be to wear one of those neck cones (such as the ones for dogs to keep them from scratching themselves) to prevent you from inadvertently looking down at your fingers when you type.

Posted by: sya at 7:31 AM on 26 May 2005

If one used dvorak instead of qwerty plus this keyboard, it would be a security system unto its self...

Posted by: Steven Roemerman at 8:21 AM on 26 May 2005

In regards to Mrs. Richards and your status as "doomed"...shouldn't that be Doctor Doomed"?

Posted by: paulsmos at 9:02 AM on 26 May 2005

I thought of that, but I thought it was too obvious a joke, even for this site.

Just one of those Things, I suppose.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:12 AM on 26 May 2005

Be careful, you don't want to start a Flame-on war. Not that it wouldn't be Fantastic, but we don't want to stretch the joke too thin, anybody could see right through that, at least until things got a little rocky.

Orange ya glad I'm stopping now?

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe Guy" at 2:57 PM on 26 May 2005

It was getting perilously close to Clobberin' Time.

Incidentally, I picked up the novelization of this summer's Fantastic Four movie; there's at least a measurable chance that it might not suck.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:33 PM on 26 May 2005