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6 May 2005

Fowl play

Did you miss International Respect for Chickens Day? Yeah, me too. I thought at first it might have something to do with Americans for Chicken Safety, but no.

Anyway, the day in question was Wednesday, on which I had (gasp!) fried chicken as the main course at dinnertime. And while I thought I was properly respectful I have learned, for instance, that it is advisable to at least wear something during the frying process I suspect that the proponents would have objected to this entrée no matter what steps I took.

Oh, well. I said all that to say all this: Matt Rosenberg wants your chicken recipes. He's already gotten one from me. Keep them simple and, if at all possible, respectful. If there are enough entries, there might even be a prize.

Meanwhile, this being the Friday before Mother's Day, I think I'll work up my mom's stock Friday offering: fish sticks, French fries, and Brussels sprouts.

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I knew there was a reason my wife and I ate dinner at Zaxby's that night.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:32 AM on 6 May 2005