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29 March 2005

A rather pedestrian matter

The American Podiatric Medical Association has issued its list of America's Best Walking Cities, and the only question I had when I started digging into the data was "How bad did we do?" Two hundred cities were surveyed (here are the criteria), so I figured we'd finish around, oh, 150th? 170th? 190th?

Well, it says here [link requires Adobe Reader] that the Okay City ranks 123rd, which is better than I'd anticipated. Then again, we're right behind Detroit, a place where I'd be disinclined to walk anywhere for reasons unrelated to mere foot issues.

Tulsa finished 78th.

(Suggested by this Gawker item complaining that the Big Apple had dropped to seventh.)

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I've been in some of those 'walking cities'. The reason they are walking cities is that walking is faster than driving. Traffic is on confusing narrow roads, the population is too dense to handle the cars and there is no place to park.

I'm happy being 123rd. (& walking to the beach is a criteria????????? That effectively skews the data to favor the coasts.)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe Guy" at 2:42 PM on 29 March 2005