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21 March 2005

Here comes Uncle Ernie to guide you

Fifth District Congressman Ernest Istook (R-Warr Acres) will be holding four Town Hall meetings during the balance of this month. Interestingly, the two in the city will be confined to specific subjects, while those in the outlying areas will be open for discussion on a range of topics. I leave it to someone more cynical than I to speculate as to why.

Here's the schedule (as a taxpayer, I paid for a mailing of this stuff, so I figure I'm entitled to reproduce it):

Thursday, 24 March, 6:40 pm
Putnam City High School Auditorium, 5300 NW 50th
"Web-Wise Kids: Protecting Our Children from On-Line Predators"
With Sandy Garrett, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tuesday, 29 March, 10 am
Rudolph Hargrave Community Center, 123 South Mekusukey, Wewoka
Open forum

Tuesday, 29 March, 4 pm
Room B, Shawnee Public Library, 101 North Philadelphia, Shawnee
Open forum

Thursday, 31 March, 6:30 pm
Garvey Center Recital Hall, Oklahoma Christian University, 2501 East Memorial
"Seniors & Seniors on Social Security: Panel Discussion with High-School Seniors and Senior Citizens"

Says Rep. Istook, "Locally, the federal government interacts with our lives in ways which we may not always understand." I guess he ought to know.

Posted at 6:03 AM to Political Science Fiction , Soonerland

I guess I'm more cynical than you! :) He obviously doesn't want to have to answer certain questions in Oklahoma City! Istook is ripe for the picking in a primary challenge by a well-funded opponent. I have thought of several possibilities, but the most promising is Kirk Humphreys. Istook really angered the former mayor by failing to get money for our city. Istook has angered many on the right by voting correctly on the national issues, but working for SLC before OKC. I'd vote for Humphreys over Istook in a primary in a SECOND. Of course, I think I'm still registered Independent. I would change though to oust that arrogant Istook. I talked to him not too long ago and the DISDAIN he has for his own constituents is unbelievable. The Isttok slogan should be, "I know best."

Posted by: Mike Swi... at 2:27 PM on 21 March 2005

I think he's a lovely man and has a lovely website.

I'm not sure that comments like the above are
particularly positive and helpful in this time
when people should be coming together.

You, obviously, have a right to your opinion and I,
frankly, am glad you shared it.

Posted by: claretoothloose at 6:15 PM on 21 March 2005


Are you suggesting that there should be no criticism of our congressman because people should be "coming together"????

What the $%## does the fact he has a "lovely website" have to do with anything?

Istook is as poor a congressman as Oklahoma City has ever had. "Coming together" doesn't include accepting mediocrity in Washington.

Thanks for your instruction in democracy, Mrs. Istook!

Posted by: Mike Swi... at 6:36 PM on 21 March 2005

If you want to have an argument about Mr. Istook,
it will have to come from someone other than myself.
I'm guessing you're just another democrat who
refuses to see the forest for the trees. I'm pretty sure that Oklahoma voters know what they're doing by
continuing to vote for Mr. Istook!

So you're opposed to mediocrity? Is that the real problem?

Posted by: claretoothloose at 11:11 PM on 21 March 2005

Uh...hello??? I think I said I was a registered independent. I am hardly a Democrat. I think I said that Istook votes right on the issues (most of the time) but fails - MISERABLY - to help our city. We can get **anybody** to flip a switch yea or nay on the issues. It takes a quality congressman to work for his district, and there, Ernie fails in a most blatant way.

And yes, mediocrity among members of congress is something I am not too excited about. Weird question. I guess you like it?

Wrong place for this, I'll stop here. But I will say this - you will find my anger about Istook all over the district and even among REPUBLICANS! In fact, even by fellow GOP members of the Oklahoma delegation! He is not easy to like as an individual. I'm sorry, but it's true. A solid primary opponent and Ernest is history.

Posted by: mikeswi... at 1:11 AM on 22 March 2005

Ole Ernie IS a piece of work. I too have had the "face to face" with Ernie on occasion and even more often with one of his minions. I find the former as kindly arrogant as you did Mike ... and I find the latter helpful but impotent. He simply MUST go if we are to be truly represented rather than patronized at optimum (election time) moments.

And yes Clare, he DOES have a wonderful website ... but its kinda like the site ... not very useful. Sorry dearest :)

Posted by: Ron at 7:48 AM on 22 March 2005

Oh my. Face to face more often with his minions.
Oh dear. His impotent minions? How sad :(

Well I'm certainly not apologizing for liking him.
He's a religious man and there's nothing wrong with that I hope!

By the way...did you swear at me?

Posted by: claretoothloose at 9:11 AM on 22 March 2005

Certainly not madame ... dearest is a term of well, endearment :)

Posted by: ron at 9:59 AM on 22 March 2005

Really? Hmmm..well I guess it was the other guy.

By the way I'm not laughing.

Posted by: claretoothloose at 5:16 PM on 22 March 2005

Just because someone -professes- to be religious is no guarantee that that person actually IS religious and allowing that to be your only criteria as to whether or not you like him (again, this is a -politician-) is rather shallow.

Most politicians are lawyers. Lawyers are professional liars. Politicians are, therefore, double-damned.

Posted by: unimpressed at 7:49 PM on 22 March 2005

Oops. That "again" was superfluous.

Posted by: unimpressed at 7:50 PM on 22 March 2005

Oh this is funny. So now people in Oklahoma don't like shallow or mediocre?

I can't stop laughing over here!

Are we suppose to check for our superfluous stuff?
I knew we were getting picky but I didn't know we had to go There!

Posted by: claretoothloose at 11:24 AM on 23 March 2005


I'm starting to think there's more than a tooth loose.

Posted by: Mike Swi... at 7:56 PM on 23 March 2005