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6 March 2005

First we pass the bill, then we read it

The state of Ohio, starting 2 May, will license auctioneers, and will require them, among other things, to serve an apprenticeship, to pass exams, to pay an annual fee, and to post a $50,000 bond even if all they're doing is selling some tchotchkes on eBay.

The primary author of the bill, Senator Larry Mumper (R-Marion), apparently had no idea that it would have such a wide-ranging effect:

This was to insure that auctioneers were abiding by the established rules and regulations. The bill is flawed. We will amend it and correct the problem before it goes into law. It certainly will not apply to the casual seller on eBay, but might apply to anyone who sells a lot.

Translation: "Aw, come on, people, we're trying to do some serious regulation here, and you just want to nitpick."

You know, Senator, if you and your friends weren't so damned eager to regulate everything under the sun, you wouldn't run into situations like this.

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I still think the best possible constitutional amendment would be "Congress..." (or "The Legislature..." as appropriate") "...shall make no law."


Posted by: McGehee at 3:01 PM on 6 March 2005

This has to be a personal grudge. Who else would think to regulate autioneers?

Posted by: Babs at 5:14 PM on 6 March 2005

and Republicans love to rail against Democrats as regulation happy ... as always with politicians it depends whose ox is being gored I supposed.

I say we put all the sacred cows in the grinder and lets have hamburgers! Pass the ketchup :)

Posted by: Ron at 8:51 AM on 7 March 2005