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26 February 2005

Odd news popping up

The 9/11 attacks, you'll remember, were implemented by the hijacking of aircraft. For some inscrutable reason, the Department of Homeland Security thinks that this can be countered by people with experience in the hijacking of computers.

A new addition to the DHS privacy board is an executive from Claria, previously known as Gator, one of the more notorious vendors of spyware.

In itself, this is annoying enough, but in view of the fact that the DHS Chief Privacy Officer is a refugee from data-miner DoubleClick, it's probably unavoidable. And it's in character for DHS, if you think about it: annoying large numbers of people in the hopes of snagging some small reward is exactly the modus operandi of the Transportation Security Administration.

Tech guy Dan Lovejoy is all over these developments.

(Submitted to the Wizbang Saturday linkfest.)

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