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13 February 2005

We will bury you, if we can borrow a shovel

"Hey, everybody, we've got nukes!" sings the Dear Leader, or someone under his Glorious Thumb.

Phelps isn't buying:

I'll tell you why they haven't tested it.

An untested weapon is suicide to deploy against the enemy. If they haven't tested it, it is because they don't have it. What is the downside of testing? Once you have tested, you are in the club. There isn't any doubt about whether or not you are a nuclear power, and once you are, the rules change. If you are just talking about having nukes and not testing them, then you are wasting your time.

Anyone that can make one bomb can make two. The value of the second bomb goes up by several magnitudes as soon as the first one blows up. Until the design is proven, all they are is expensive radioactive hunks of metal.

This suggests a dialogue of sorts:

DPRK: You can no longer ignore us, for we have nukes.

GWB: Did you hear something?

DPRK: I said, "You can no longer ignore us, for we have nukes."

GWB: No, you don't.

DPRK: Yes, we do.

GWB: No, you don't. You don't even have lawn mowers, fercrissake. You think we're gonna believe you have nucular weapons? Not a chance, Kimbo.

DPRK: We will not be treated in this manner!

GWB: Just watch.

Diplomatic considerations might preclude this actual interchange, but at the moment, I'd bet on Dubya's poker-playing ability.

(Procured through the Fire Ant Gazette.)

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Maybe our next president should appoint Dubya Secretary of State.

<best Dubya voice> heh-heh-heh! </best Dubya voice>

Posted by: McGehee at 2:45 PM on 13 February 2005