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12 February 2005

Somewhere between Us and Them

Let's say Bob and Tom, about the same age, work together at the same place, making the same amount of money. Personal accounts for Social Security are introduced; Bob takes one particular basket of options, and Tom takes another.

Jump forward X number of years (but let's keep the dollar constant for the sake of argument), and Bob is retiring on, let's say, $3200 a month, Tom on $2150. If a right-winger is moved to say anything here, he'll probably congratulate Bob on his astute investments; a leftist might point out how these personal accounts were a bad idea in the first place why, look at the inequality of the system! and might even think about suggesting Tom sue the government.

This is obviously not the only disconnect between the two sides, but it's one I find particularly disturbing.

Then I turned up this at The Shape of Days:

I do find it pretty interesting... to compare the way the blogosphere responded to Eason Jordan with the way it responded to Jeff Gannon. The blogs, mostly conservative, that attacked Eason Jordan did so based on what he said in Davos. The blogs, mostly liberal, that attacked Jeff Gannon went dumpster-diving until they found a tenuous connection between Gannon and some filthy Internet domain names. Not sites, mind you, just names. They then pimped (if you'll pardon the expression) that angle of the story until they got the attention they wanted, as Markos "Screw Them" Zuniga gleefully admitted to Howard Kurtz.

While I'm not exactly proud of my blogging brothers and sisters for making a mountain out of what I still think was essentially a molehill, I am immensely proud of them for being professional about it. The contrast between the right and the left is rarely as stark as it is in this case.

And Ace adds:

What I'm making fun of is the grossly disproportionate glee of the left finally getting a "scalp" a scalp belonging to, no offense, a rather obscure and newish reporter working for a virtually-unknown on-line media company.

And then dancing around with that scalp as if they've pretty much tied the scoreboard, cancelling out Rather and Jordan.

Don't be mean, Ace. The left hasn't had a lot to cheer about this century.

On second thought, go ahead. It's not like you're ever going to be lacking for material.

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Not to pound my own drum,* but I said it a lot shorter here.

*Toot my own horn? Strum my own guitar? Trill my own piccolo? Hey, I've been on antihistamines all day.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 6:22 PM on 12 February 2005