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4 February 2005

Exercising the ol' franchise

No, I did not register to vote on my 18th birthday. And no, it's not because of any youthful apathy or anything like that; it's just that the offices were not open until the following Monday.

I was away from home the following year, when there was a Presidential election, and duly requested an absentee ballot. It didn't help George McGovern much, to be sure, but I wasn't about to miss out, and anyway, it was motivated more by the urge to replace Nixon than by a heartfelt belief in the McGovern agenda.

In the thirty-two years since then, I've missed, to my knowledge, maybe eight elections, only one of them big enough for a Presidential race. I show up for that tedious school-board stuff, for millages, for bond issues, for whatever. The polling place is within half a mile, which cuts down on the number of available excuses.

And to the surprise of some, I'm still a Democrat today: the bizarre behavior of (some of) the party faithful in recent years notwithstanding, I'm not ready to slam the door on them and start over. Still, I've never once voted a straight-party ticket, and while I understand why the option is there, I have no desire to use it.

I pulled the lever (well, we don't have levers, but you get the idea) for George W. Bush this past year, the first time I'd ever voted for a Republican for President. (It, um, came to me in a dream.) Next time, I'm hoping there are more than two choices, just because.

(Provoked by Dwayne.)

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"Provoked" is a perfect word choice.

I think Bush was a pretty good choice, too.

Posted by: Jan at 9:27 PM on 4 February 2005