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30 January 2005

A sense of the inevitable

Francis W. Porretto was watching Fox News this morning when this bit of information slid by:

FOX News has just reported that, according to Adel al-Lami of the Independent Electoral Commission, 72 percent of eligible Iraqis participated in the voting. The report also gives the toll taken by terrorist violence: 36 deaths tallied to date.

No one should be eager to depreciate the lives lost in this historic event. Still, your Curmudgeon is irresistibly moved to say: If that's the worst the terrorists can do, the Iraqi people have won their freedom.

Indeed. No one, apart from an occasional tire-slasher, threatens us at the polls, and we struggle to turn out 60 percent.

I'm waiting for the Iraqi equivalent of a blue-state Democrat to point out that the terrorists were effectively disenfranchised and therefore this election was stolen. Shouldn't take too long.

(Update, 8:30 pm: Later reports show somewhere in the 60s, which is still pretty good turnout, considering the occasional threat levels. I know Saddam used to get 99 percent or thereabouts, but then he had the two-box electoral system: you put his name in one box, or he put you in the other.)

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