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24 January 2005

Thank you for caring

I haven't seen it lately, but about fifteen, maybe twenty years ago, one argument that occasionally popped out from the pro-choice folks was "You know, if you guys are so dead set against abortion, perhaps you should assume responsibility for some of these babies you insist must be born." It wasn't a particularly persuasive argument, but it had good emotional resonance, and it persisted for quite some time before dropping below the rhetorical radar.

What I didn't anticipate was that its basic principle "You ban it, you deal with the consequences" was so readily extensible to other issues of dispute.

(Via Susanna Cornett.)

Posted at 7:44 AM to Political Science Fiction

Perhaps everyone who wants to continue drug prohibition should personally incarcerate a non-violent drug offender in their own home...

Posted by: Chris at 8:19 AM on 24 January 2005

Right On Chris!

I will, however say that in the case of the pro-life crowd their ARE a LOT of "don't do it (abortion) now LIVE WITH IT" folks who once the child is born and being reared by a, god forbid, "welfare mother" will just as quickly condemn the mother as just another parasitic form of life. Of course on the flip side of things the pro-choice folks can be as uncaring about the psychological fallout from an abortion as well. Alas, such is the human condition, hypocrisy exists side by side with pious exhortations to personal responsiblility ... pro or con on this issue.

Posted by: Ron at 10:57 AM on 24 January 2005

I assume that Ron will next complain about the fact that the people who abolished slavery were not all that willing to take personal responsibility for them.

BTW, hypocrisy is the virtue that made the Declaration of Independence possible.

Posted by: Joseph Hertzlinger at 11:51 PM on 24 January 2005

If the pro-choice folks are paying for it, bring all the babies over here! We'll make room.

Posted by: Angi at 11:41 PM on 28 January 2005