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22 January 2005

Who could ask for anything more?

A really good day makes up for a number of bad ones or a multitude of indifferent ones. And while it's impossible to plan everything to the last detail and expect it to work out exactly about a quarter to two, Dawn Eden was supposed to be taking off her clothes in the next room, which didn't actually happen things went pretty nicely today.

For me, the story began at 9:45, when Michael Bates pulled up to the curb in front of Surlywood. For a guy who just drove in from Tulsa, he was decidedly upbeat, which is always a good thing, and out of the passenger seat pops Dawn, looking tousled and fourteen as ever*, and I've got her all to myself for four whole hours.

If you have to ask what happened next, you don't know either of us very well. It was a search-and-acquire mission of the highest order, conducted on the premises of Happy Days Record Shop at SW 89th and Western. We got away, of course, with stacks of wax. ("One Little Answer" by Sonny Bono on Specialty 733, incidentally, apparently was released in 1973.)

Then to the TapWerks ale house in Bricktown, where Advanced Noshing was the order of the day, and back to Surlywood in not enough time for her to change into something a little dressier [oh, that's what he meant] before venturing off to Will's Coffee for an informal, breezy little Blogger Bash.

A splendid time wasn't necessarily guaranteed for all, but we had one anyway. Tulsa was represented by Don Danz and, of course, Mike Bates. From Lawton came John Owen Butler. "Wild Bill" Kerr joined us from Midwest City, or "MWC" as it's known in the trades. And from the far reaches of OKC, there were Jan the Happy Homemaker, Dwayne "AKA Donny Osmond" Hendrickson (and his lovely wife Barb), Dan Lovejoy, Sean Gleeson, and Brett Thomasson, who bloggeth not, but who has by now written more in the way of comments to blogs than some of us have in actual blogs and could not possibly be left out.

A wholesome group, to be sure. Just look at this if you don't believe me. And while there were no real low points, except for maybe the disappearance of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile from its temporary lodging on Western Avenue before we could suck up to the management and get pictures of ourselves in front of (or, God forbid, astride) it, arguably the high point was when Dawn sought to demonstrate the Power of Advertising by giving us a taste of the Mister Softee theme music, and half a dozen of us burst into a spirited rendition of the B. C. Clark jingle.

A really good day indeed. To all of you who came down: thank you, and let's do it again some time.

And to Dawn: Surely Tony Romeo wrote something pertinent to this occasion. :)

* Dear Stan Cornyn: I owe you for this phraseology.

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» Blogger Bash recap from BatesLine
Had a great time at the first-ever bash for faith-friendly Oklahoma bloggers. About 14 folks showed up -- Don Danz has the list here and here . (Browse around to see several of his entries about the event.) Dan Lovejoy has some great pictures here, wit......[read more]

Sounds like you all had a great time ... and it's nice to put faces with the blogs! Thanks to Dan for posting the photo!

Posted by: LilRed at 10:32 PM on 22 January 2005

Looks like a good time was had by all...glad you guys all got together!

Posted by: David at 12:01 AM on 23 January 2005

Was this a general Oklahoma Bloggers meeting? Or was it just a bunch of friends hanging out?

I'd be interested in getting in on some of this action sometime. Of course, if it was just a bunch of friends hanging out, I wouldn't wanna intrude.


Posted by: Luke at 8:45 AM on 23 January 2005

More the latter than the former, actually; this was a small circle within a small circle. A regulation-size Bash would have to take in a lot more people and take up a lot more space, I would think.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:54 AM on 23 January 2005


A lucky person won the use of the OM weinermobile for the day.

Local band "American Boyfriends" was taking the opportunity to use it for a video shoot as well.

I happened to be eating at VZD's with my family and was offered a spin in the mobile while the fortunate winners ate lunch. Riding in the weinermobile has been on my list since the 1960's, and now I can cross it off (sadly, I fear the astronaut thing is never going to happen, though).

Got a handful of complentary weiner whistles, too!

Had I known you and Dawn were supping down the street at Will's, we'd have picked you up during our brief ride around Crown Heights.

Despite missing the out on the weiner ride, sounds like you bloggers had fun.

Posted by: FreakyBoy at 10:10 AM on 23 January 2005

It gets weirder. I had picked out twenty-nine tunes for background music while squiring Dawn around town before the bash, and one of them was "Supergirl" by those very same American Boyfriends. She seemed to like it a great deal.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:23 AM on 23 January 2005

I really enjoyed getting to meet y'all; I wish that I didn't have to bail-out so early to make the drive home. We'll have to do this again, soon.

Posted by: John Owen Butler at 5:54 AM on 25 January 2005