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19 January 2005

Some simple electoral reforms

Stefan Sharkansky, founder of, shows up in The Seattle Times with recommendations for avoiding debacles like the Washington gubernatorial contest:

[R]equiring proof of citizenship for voter registration; requiring every voter to show both a photo ID and a pulse; and requiring that an election can be certified only if the number of votes equals the number of voters.

This, of course, constitutes a form of disenfranchisement of individuals who aren't entitled to the franchise in the first place.

(Via The Big Trunk at Power Line.)

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Such requirements are also not in place in Wisconsin, which allows voters just to show up at the polls and register on election day without a photo ID. The addresses given by roughly 11,000 unregistered voters who just showed up at the polls in the city of Milwaukee cannot be verified. In Wisconsin, their votes are valid. This number happens to be roughly equal to John Kerry's margin of victory.

Posted by: Michael Meckler at 1:03 PM on 19 January 2005

We're very proud of Stephan Sharkansky's Seattle blog:

It seems that the only way, we, the people, will be heard, is through grassroot efforts across the country, one city at a time! This country need election reform...and we need it NOW! The ball is rolling, and it's working...step up to change your city, too.

Each illegal vote disenfranchises a legal voter!

Posted by: J.C. at 1:33 PM on 19 January 2005

Altho you don't need a photo ID to vote in Milwaukee, you do need one, in addition to a library card, to check out books.

Posted by: triticale at 9:03 PM on 21 January 2005