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16 January 2005

The Thin Film Festival

My old friend Bruce takes me and another Oklahoma blogger to task:

Dustbury and Red Dirt Blog frustrate me because both claim to represent a form of aww-shucks common sense that's really just a thin film of apologetics for their own cultural biases; an equal opportunity "They're all rats" form of thinking that allows them to take pot shots at the imaginary demons that are tearing down a idealized vision of society "as it should be."

The suggestion here is that my cultural biases are hidden, albeit poorly. I wasn't aware that they were hidden at all; to me, they seem perfectly obvious. (Still, if you, Gentle Reader, haven't noticed them, please let me know, and I will provide a list.)

As for my idealized version of society as it should be, I really haven't given as much thought to that as I could have, largely because I've long since figured out that society is going to do pretty much what it wants to do without paying a whole lot of attention to me, and those aforementioned cultural biases, which I might describe as "laissez-faire to partly cloudy," would prevent me from taking a more proactive* role to push it in the direction I might desire. I am not, by nature, the crusading type; I do better taking the occasional pot shot from the corner at those pesky rats.

In an earlier paragraph, though, Bruce accuses me of "moments of brilliance." Now that's just uncalled for.

*Jeebus, but I hate that word "proactive."

Posted at 11:35 AM to Blogorrhea

Ah, the old "cultural bias" trope. How quaint.

To be meaningful, the notion of "cultural bias" must be coupled to another of greater impact: "cultural relativism." That is, one's attachment to a culture must be severed from any objective concept of cultural quality. No culture may be demonstrably better than any other in promoting the survival and flourishing of its members or its core principles.

To which your Curmudgeon deposeth and sayeth:


This sort of lunacy requires that its promoters literally wish away or shout down millennia of evidence to the contrary. But even in the absence of the historical record, if all cultures were equivalent in the mensurable, practical sense, then there would be nothing to power the enormous waves of immigration to these shores, right? People would be about as likely to emigrate as to immigrate. Q.E.D.

Apropos of nothing, Charles, Dustbury is one of my favorite blogs. In fact, I'd put it in the Sacred Seventeen, whose terminations would catapult me into shutting down Eternity Road and joining the Hare Krishnas. So by all means keep up the good work.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 12:23 PM on 16 January 2005

As for my idealized version of society as it should be, I really haven't given as much thought to that as I could have...

That may be what Bruce is complaining about. He certainly has his own "idealized version of society as it should be," and doesn't seem to have figured out "that society is going to do pretty much what it wants to do without paying a whole lot of attention" to him or anybody else.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:04 PM on 16 January 2005

Interesting. I haven't read anything on "This is Class Warfare" in ages. I quietly dropped him from my blogroll a long time ago because he was too... I don't know... not just because he was too far to the Left; I actually agree with him on some issue (ID for example) but he's too... something... smug I guess. That's one of the Left's biggest problems - the reason why they can't get anyone to listen to them even when they're right - they're too smug. Nobody likes smugness. And now, Bruce shows himself also to be a hypocrite - talking about your cultural biases as if he doesn't have any, or as if he has his under better control. HA!

Posted by: Lynn S at 10:53 AM on 17 January 2005

oops. "issues" plural.

Posted by: Lynn S at 10:55 AM on 17 January 2005

Yes, "smug", that is the key. Lynn S has it exactly right. Smug triumphalism. It's so junior high school.

As for C.G., well, anybody who can look at the big ugly name-calling mess that is the blogging world, and yet criticze Dustbury ... really, Bruce, you must be joking. I come here precisely because I know it is NOT going to be all politics, all anger, all the time. Yet, unlike say Instapundit, who goes out of his way to equivocate about everything, which I find just a bit unsettling sometimes, C.G. offers subtle comments that make his views pretty clear. More weblogs should strive for that; I know I am.

Posted by: Jeff Brokaw at 3:19 PM on 17 January 2005

Frankly, it doesn't seem as though your "old friend Bruce" knows you very well.

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 1:06 AM on 21 January 2005


He don't know me very well, do he?


Posted by: CGHill at 7:41 AM on 21 January 2005