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9 January 2005

Not a kid, nor does he rock

This is, I think, the definitive response to the Kid Rock "controversy":

Conservatives will be truly conservative again, at least in the sense of preserving some sort of aesthetic order, when they start demanding Kid Rock be removed from the inauguration festivities not because he uses dirty words, but because he sucks. Oh, I'm not saying he isn't a fine and decent human being; I'm just doubting his entertainment value. And please, someone remind Michelle Malkin that the last time pop music entertainers used clean language and were deemed family-friendly, it resulted in some jackass giving them a variety show, and the world suffered a lot more from that than it could ever suffer from Kid Rock.

And of course, there's this: at least it isn't Fred Durst.

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at least it isn't Fred Durst. shit..

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 8:59 AM on 11 January 2005