The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

6 January 2005

Vintage cheesecake

Like many organizations, the Green-Walled Garden Club (one of the Whittier names I've heard lately) of Frederick, Maryland has issued a cookbook as a fundraising tool.

Unlike many organizations, the Club has chosen to, um, spice up its cookbook: in addition to the recipes, there are a dozen photos of club members, aged 55 to 70, in varying degrees of undress. "Everyone does a cookbook," says member Marianne Coss. "We needed a gimmick."

It will be a while before I've sampled more than a handful of the 800-odd recipes in the book this Pork with Red Plum Sauce (page 177) looks interesting but I doubt I'll be able to convince anyone I bought this purely for prandial purposes.

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