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29 November 2004

Pockets of resistance

Dan Flynn, blogging from bluer-than-blue Boston, crosses the river Charles and finds that for some, the election isn't quite over just yet:

At Harvard University, Kerry-for-President signs still hang from scattered windows almost a month after election day. Throughout the city, pro-Kerry messages adorn bumpers. This is no shock I still glimpse Mondale-Ferraro bumperstickers on occassion. What is a bit startling is some of the more venomous messages I saw while riding the famous 77 bus to Harvard Square. Someone defaced a statue of the Virgin Mary at a church in North Cambridge by spraypainting a feminist "woman" symbol on it. Past Porter Square, a mural of red and white stripes decorates the exterior wall of one shop. This proved too much for some inhabitant of this supposed bastion of tolerance, who spraypainted the words "End U.S. Imperialism" over the painting of the waving flag. At the Harvard Book Shop, a petition titled no joke "Freadom v. the Patriot Act" asks customers to protest Bush administration policies. Grafitti on Mass. Ave. leading to Central Square was more blunt: "Kill Bush."

Down here in Soonerland, things are decidedly more restrained, mostly because Bush got two-thirds of the vote, but it would be a mistake to assume that everyone in town is happy with the results: a couple of blocks from my house, I spotted a Stop sign to which someone had affixed a BUSH BELONGS BEHIND BARS bumper sticker.

Then again, it's been more than a week since I've seen a Kerry/Edwards sticker on an actual bumper, but I'm still seeing a smattering of Bush/Cheney stickers. Is this inertia, or is this gloating? Your guess is as good as mine.

(Via Michelle Malkin.)

Posted at 7:50 AM to Political Science Fiction

On Friday, while driving through Atlanta toward home from Chattanooga, the wife and I saw our first Don't Blame Me: I Voted for Kerry bumper sticker.

For what the driver didn't want to be blamed, wasn't specified -- though her contribution to keeping Georgia's electoral votes from going to Bush can't have been but so much, considering.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:50 AM on 29 November 2004

Considering how long some people leave up Christmas lights after Christmas, I think most of it is just inertia. It's like going to the museum when you live in NYC, since it's always there. "I'll go next weekend." Only next weekend never comes.

Posted by: Lesley at 9:37 AM on 29 November 2004

I removed my Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker the day after the election. Regardless of the result, I was just happy the election was over with, and didn't need to be reminded of it every time I got in the car. That, and I don't like bumper stickers.

Just today, however, I did see a vehicle exactly like mine - same make, color, and perhaps year - with a Kerry-Edwards sticker in the same exact place I had mine. Strange.

Posted by: Jeff Lawson at 2:42 PM on 29 November 2004

Now that's a bit creepy.

My previous car has lots of sisters around town the body style was used for five model years, and the particular color was fairly popular so I find myself looking at the wheels to see if maybe this one in the next lane used to be mine. (I had Ultra custom wheels, which don't much resemble the OEM rims of this era.) Come to think of it, darn few of them have bumper stickers of any sort.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:28 PM on 29 November 2004

Grand Cherokees are popular up here in Omaha - probably because of the weather (of course, I'm the one idiot driving the NON-4WD model, being from Texas and all) - so it's common to see lookalikes around town, especially given how Jeep only tinkered with the body style a little each year.

On the other hand, John Kerry is NOT popular up here in Omaha (well, I guess he's ten times more popular here than in the rest of the state), so to see a fellow Kerry supporter driving an identical vehicle is indeed a surprising coincidence.

I think they were headed to Wal-Mart. Me, I was on my way to Sonic. Us liberals like our cheap housewares and foot-long Coneys.

Posted by: Jeff Lawson at 6:53 PM on 29 November 2004

Here in my neighborhood in Denver, there are still Kerry-Edwards yard signs up, not to mention a large number of bumper stickers. Bush-Cheney bumper stickers are more scarce, as befits the local demographics, but all the Republican yard signs (not that there were that many of them) are gone.

Given how easy it is to pull up a yard sign, it's either apathy (brought on by depression?) or a "Don't blame me, look at my sign" statement.

Posted by: wheels at 12:21 AM on 2 December 2004

I did spot a Kerry/Edwards sticker yesterday afternoon on a Land Rover Discovery up in The Village. Oddly, its blue background almost perfectly matched the parking permit adjacent to it, making me wonder (until I got a closer look at a traffic signal) if maybe the organization where the driver parks had been handing out the Kerry stickers as well.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:11 AM on 2 December 2004