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18 November 2004

Without further DeLay

I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but whatever it is, it's unsavory and distasteful.

Some of Tom DeLay's henchpersons have been indicted by a Texas grand jury, and it's expected, by some anyway, that an indictment of DeLay himself will be returned. In an effort to insulate DeLay from their own ethics rules, House Republicans passed a measure to allow DeLay to remain in his leadership post pending an investigation of some sort.

A mere indictment, of course, proves nothing. But this action makes it a great deal more difficult for the GOP to cast itself in the role of Moral Guardian, a role it never played convincingly in the first place. Whatever happened to avoiding even the appearance of scandal?

I liked James Joyner's take on this:

The bottom line is that we shouldn't change the rules in midstream for the benefit of someone in power. DeLay should come out against the rule change for the good of the institution and it could be made clear that DeLay's replacement is just keeping his seat warm until his vindication.

Which, of course, he didn't, and they didn't.

It doesn't take much to be more ethical than today's Democratic Party. House Republicans, though, have served notice that it's too much for them to bother with. Seldom do I agree with Nancy Pelosi on much of anything, but it's hard to argue with this:

Clearly, the Republicans do not care about the integrity of their party or the poor example they set for the nation. Their action today demeans the work of all ethical, law-abiding public servants.

Or, in the words of GOP stalwart Joshua Claybourn:

There is increasingly very little to separate Republicans from the majority they once overturned.

Meet the new scum, same as the old scum.

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Oh Yeah,
Well, at least the "new scum" is not pro-abortion
or pro-gaylifestyle-mainstream-acceptance-political-correctness crapola !!

Posted by: paulsmos at 10:39 AM on 18 November 2004

I just stumbled upon your blog via "Baseball Crank" and became enamored with it. As a former resident of, and still a landowner in Slaughterville, Oklahoma, I quite magine I'd get along with the residents of Dustbury just fine.

Posted by: Nixon Casablanca at 1:41 PM on 18 November 2004

From what I've heard the D.A. that's after DeLay is a partisan hack who's had politically motivated indictments blow up in his face before, and I have little doubt will again -- but that makes it all the more sensible for DeLay to go by the rules as they stood, rather than have them changed just ahead of the process server.

I think it's time to hang up the Hammer.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:31 PM on 18 November 2004

Ronnie Earle seems to be an equal-opportunity grandstander: historically, he's apparently gone after whoever would provide him with the maximum amount of press coverage. Then again, this, too, is a Texas tradition of sorts.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:08 PM on 18 November 2004

hehehe ... Oh Yeah, Well, at least the "new scum" is not "commie" or pro-negrolifestyle-mainstream-acceptance-political-correctness crapola !! Oops ... I accidently ran that one post reply through the 40 year old translater on my Tom Corbett radio set .... I meant to ditto on the "Oh Yeah, Well, at least the "new scum" is not pro-abortion or pro-gaylifestyle-mainstream-acceptance-political-correctness crapola !!" Darned technology ...

Posted by: Ron at 9:21 PM on 18 November 2004